Number Protector
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Perfect for Sign-Ups

The next time a website, app, or service requires your cell phone number during the sign-up process, give them your Number Protector phone number instead.

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No Personal Information

Thanks to the magic of the Ycash encrypted memo field, we collect absolutely NO personal information from you. No name. No email address. No credit card. Nothing!

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Built on Ycash (YEC)

We are proudly a Ycash-first service. We use Ycash as our long-term store of value and we contribute a portion of our revenue to fund Ycash-related development.

  • Current annual price for service:

    200 YEC

  • Current price good until:

    Block Height 1,060,000 of Ycash blockchain (approximately November 18, 2021)

  • Annual message limit:

    25,000 received SMS messages

  • About Number Protector phone numbers:

    You will receive a dedicated mobile phone number that can only receive SMS messages. (The number cannot be used to send SMS messages, nor can it be used to place or receive phone calls.) The mobile phone number will have a United Kingdom prefix (+44).

How it works
  1. Send at least 200 YEC to:

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    and in the memo field of the transaction put the shielded Ycash address that you want your SMS messages delivered to. (Shielded Ycash addresses start with "ys1".) Don't forget to put your address in the memo field!

    You can purchase more than one year of service by sending any amount of YEC greater than 200 YEC. For example, if you send 2.25 times 200 YEC (450 YEC), you are purchasing 2.25 years of service.

  2. In a few minutes, you'll receive your dedicated Number Protector phone number (via an encrypted memo from us). You will also receive a unique customer service shielded address that you can use to communicate with us about your number. It is very important that you keep this address secret because whoever knows it can make changes to your Number Protector service.
  3. Whenever you need to receive an SMS message but want to keep your real cell phone number private, provide your Number Protector phone number instead.
  4. Receive your SMS messages directly to your shielded Ycash wallet (YecLite, YecWallet, or the forthcoming shielded mobile wallets).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my Number Protector phone number?

January 2021 Update: UK mobile numbers are currently out of stock. We are currently provisioning United States "local" numbers that are SMS-enabled. Because these numbers are not classified as "mobile", they may not be compatible with some sites.

All Number Protector phone numbers are classified as "mobile" numbers. This is important, because some services, like Twitter, will reject phone numbers not classified as mobile even if the number is SMS-enabled! In our testing, we have yet to see Number Protector phone numbers rejected, and we have confirmed that they are accepted by many popular services, including Telegram, Twitter, Google (Gmail and all other Google-related services), Instagram, TikTok, and various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why is the price denominated in terms of YEC instead of USD?

We believe that denominating the price in terms of terms of YEC creates a better purchasing experience for our customers. Our customers don't have to deal with prices that constantly fluctuate due to underlying fluctuations in exchange rates.

Once the current price expires, how do you choose the next quoted price?

We adjust the price to try to keep the annual cost of the service under a certain threshold denominated in USD. The current threshold is $75 per year and is subject to change. We want our customers to choose to renew their Number Protector service, so we strive to always offer a fair price for our service.

What is your refund policy?

You should treat payments made to Number Protector as nonrefundable. With that said, if major problems with the service arise, at our sole descretion we may issue partial refunds.

Can someone associate my true identity with my Number Protector phone number?

Yes, absolutely. Although we don't collect any personal information, the way you use your number may allow someone to ascertain your true identity.

  • Twitter: @NumberProtector
  • Telegram: @NumberProtector
  • Existing Customers: Use your dedicated shielded Ycash address that we gave you alongside your phone number to communicate with us about your Number Protector number.
  • Potential Customers: Send questions via encrypted memo to


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